vancouver career counsellor
“Ray under-promises and over-delivers which is amazing service that is hard to come by. I recommend his excellent web and SEO expertise to many friends and colleagues. He was able to get me on the first page of Google for key terms for a brand new site.” RACHEL NEWTON/LIFECAREERSTUDIO.COM

“My client base is mostly the result of clients finding me on Google and referrals. I continually receive positive feedback, regarding my website, from clients and colleagues. Ray created a custom website that reflects professionalism and expertise that I need to convey to prospective clients. He made the overwhelming task of setting up my website seem easy. I had complete control, but he guided and helped me when I really needed it and is a complete website and SEO guru. He took my vision and implemented it in less time than expected. I am really happy that I can have all of my website and SEO needs through Ray’s services. He is creative, flexible and offers me great options to work with my budget which I greatly appreciate.”

Vancouver career counsellor