Pay Per Click Advertising

Google handles at least 100 billion searches a month.* People no longer want or use yellow pages for their business searches, even the Yellow Pages themselves are making it easy for consumers to opt out of receiving the huge yellow books.

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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising In a Nutshell

You have seen these ads every time you do a search on Google. Those little ads on the top and right column are PPC ads. You pay only The beauty of PPC advertising is that, unlike traditional forms of marketing such as radio, television or print, your ads can be very targeted to the audience you want to reach. You can show your ads only to people interested in a certain product, live in a specific location or are in a specific age category.

The beauty of PPC advertising is that you can set up a campaign and have your ads running at the top of search engines the same day! Not only that, but many internet users don’t even realize they are paid ads and think your site must be a credible source, because it is coming up first in the search engines. The image below highlights where you will see PPC ads in a typical Google search.

How Much Does It Cost?

Depending on your type of business could pay anywhere from one cent to twenty dollars a click! Tap into the huge volume of people looking for goods and services online with Google’s Adwords or Facebook’s advertising systems.

The great thing is Google is desperate for your business and will give a $75-$100 credit for new customers using their ad service. Contact us and find out how.

What We Can Do For You

We research the keywords, write effective ads, manage your ppc campaign, track conversions, increase quality score, and Click Through Rate (CTR). We can create custom landing pages, proven ad copy techniques. Do not waste your money on non converting PPC campaigns and get ahead of your competitor’s ads for a lower cost. We can take control of your whole PPC campaign and run and manage it effectively and track it’s results.