Having A Web Site Is Just the Beginning, You Need To Get Found On the Web

There is an overwhelming amount of sites in your business on the web, even locally. The most recent figures show 150,000 new urls are being registered each day, a 21% increase from two years ago. Even if you are targeting a local area that has a huge impact on people finding you on the web. LocalVancouverSeo.com can help grow your business by getting your website front and center of potential clients.

Get onto the first page of Google, Yahoo! and Bing for keywords your customers are searching for.

SEO Is Not Just What You Put On Your Page

The first step in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to fine tune the content on your pages and meta tags; optimizing site structure and links of your web site. This allows the search engines to easily identify what your site is about. We research the keywords your customers are looking for, the highest converting keywords, the “buy” keywords that customers use when they are searching to make a purchase and ensure those keywords are part of your site. This is called “on page optimization”.

While on page optimization is a necessary component which we incorporate into all our client sites it is only the first step. Unlike years ago when only on page optimization was the way to getting top rankings, it now only makes up for 10 − 25% of how effectively a site ranks on the search engines.

Off Page Optimization Is The Key

After solid on page optimization, the second step which accounts for the most effective component of SEO is OFF page optimization. Modern search engines like Google rank your pages based most strongly on links from other sites and social networks.

Search engines place huge value on links from:

  • other web sites
  • blogs
  • forums
  • site directories
  • RSS feeds
  • press releases
  • social bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon and Delicious
  • social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+
  • social media sites like Flickr and Youtube
  • social mentions on local review sites like Yelp and Urbanspoon

All of the above backlink sources make up about 80% of the factors Google evalutes when creating site rankings. A good backlinking strategy using a mix or all of the linking methods above is essential to getting your site high on the search engines for the keywords your customers use to find your business. As you can see social media marketing makes up a good portion of the list. If you already have an established site or Facebook page you may want to see how to attract more followers using our Social Marketing services.

We have a comprehensive backlinking system of white hat backlinking strategies which can propel your web site to the top of the search engines. Contact us for a free consultation.

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