Apple Vision Pro Notes

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The Verge comprehensive video review.

WSJ 24 hour user test.

Apple Vision Pro accessories prices after base $3500 US.

600 launch apps. Missing Youtube, Spotify, Netflix.
Aside from the Max app, the Apple Vision Pro will also have Disney+, IMAX, Apple TV and Apple Music, Paramount+, Sling TV, NBC, CBS, Peacock, and many more spatial apps available in the App Store. Sports apps include the NBA app, MLB app, NBC Sports, ESPN, Red Bull TV, Fox Sports, and PGA Tour Vision.

App Developers: Feature Set Deep Dive

I expect “Spatial Computing” to be big SEO term in 2024, focus by Apple for use is computing and media consumption. Apple’s differentiator vs “metaverse”.

Bad for immersive gaming, no controllers. Has wifi 6, Bluetooth but no 5G.

iFixit Hardware Teardown