Yelp Business Account Setup

I can set up your Yelp business account and Yelp rating integration on your web site. Setting up a proper business account in Yelp will allow you to change your business info, respond to negative comments as the business owner, post your own photos to Yelp and see how many people are seeing you on Yelp. I can also insert a Yelp badge on your site to display your positive star ratings from Yelp and influence clients to purchase. Example of what shows up on your web page.

Facebook Business Page Optimization

Some businesses do not have the time to figure out the intricacies of setting up a Facebook business page with the right content and settings. I can configure a Facebook page tailored to your business with good copyrighting and photos to make your Facebook page stand out.

I can help you create a more user friendly and easy to remember url.

Instead of this:

You can have this: Something easy to recall and fits nicely on a business card or brochure.

Automate Your Facebook and Twitter Updates

Do you have a web site along with Facebook and Twitter accounts but are tired of logging into your web site account to make a post then logging into Facebook with the link then signing into Twitter to Tweet about it?

I can help you automate your article posting. Save yourself the hassle and valuable time of reposting by setting up your web site to link up with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Write once to your blog and have it automatically post to your Facebook and Twitter accounts!

Have a single blog post automatically updates to Facebook and Twitter.

Get More Facebook Likes or Twitter Followers

Does your Facebook like counter look a little sparse? We can help get that number up quickly, especially for a new site.

Free Blog Post About Your Business On With Every Order

I own the web site which is a local Main St. directory which lists every business in the Mount Pleasant/Riley Park area and is a useful resource for the neighbourhood. You will get a blog mention on that site with a photo and link to your business with your first order.